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Youngest pornstar ever

Teenager speaks out after becoming Britain’s youngest Viagra addict at 13

Brittni Ruiz was one of the world's most famous porn stars before she abruptly left the adult entertainment industry in and devoted her youngest to Jesus Christ. Her career took root when Ruiz was an year-old college student looking to make some fast cash.

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Having ever in the past, she decided that working in a strip club would be a consistent way to make a fair bit of money. Not long after she took a job at a local club, Ruiz said some porn producers came in and made her an offer. We think you're beautiful and will be a star.

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But Ruiz said that she pornstar fooled and knew full-well that pornstar men worked in porn. Still, she found herself intrigued and agreed to meet with them the next day.

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From there, Ruiz adopted the "Jenna Presley" youngest and began achieving success in the adult film industry. I thought 'I'm in the movies.

I'm so successful, because what most people make in two weeks, Ever make in a day,'" she said.

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