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Les Amateurs Virtuoses !

I was on a nice streak for a few months, and before that was anywhere fromtoAmateurs fun ride while it lasted. Maybe the 15 minutes are over. Whatever they have done they are making the smaller channels give up or have discouraged grandmasfarmsex to the point of not caring for youtube like they did. What do they have to work and strive for when they are intentionally not given the chance to be seen.

Have been doing everything in my power to do what youtube has said to do to get views and followship, nothing has worked on a constant basis. My rant, judge me if you want. I feel sorry for tube otherchannels that are going through this too. Peace, Ace77man.

Social impact of YouTube - Wikipedia

I was growing for a long time, steadily getting more and more views. I just hit 4, and I want to grow and you grow with a dedicated audience, not artificial views like Ace77Man above said by false tags to get views.

I want to grow and have more people share in the fun I have in videos. I hope the algorithm changes back.