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Sleeping in the buff with your partner definitely has its perks—like getting to snuggle against their warm body instead of their super-worn t-shirt. But that's not the only upside of going to bed in big black girl birthday suit.

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In fact, whether you sleep alone or with your S. Here are all the reasons you should start sleeping naked tonight:. According to the National Sleep Foundationthe amount of time it takes you womensleepingnude go from being fully awake to fast asleep—called your "sleep onset latency" SOL —has a direct impact on your sleep satisfaction.

A key way to reduce your SOL is lowering your body temperature.

You Should Definitely Be Sleeping Naked—And This Is Why

Decreasing your body temperature not only helps you fall asleep faster, it also helps you sleep more soundly. Winter says the temperature most conducive womensleepingnude sleep is 65 degrees. This enables you to control your temperature with blankets rather than risk disrupting your sleep by having to remove layer after layer of clothing.

People womensleepingnude snooze in the nude are more likely to report being happy with their relationship, according to a survey by Cotton USA.

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The brand surveyed 1, British adults who were either married or in a relationship to find out what they sleep in and how they feel about their relationship. A whopping 57 percent of nude sleepers said they were happy with their relationship, while only 48 percent of pajama wearers and 43 percent of nightie womensleepingnude felt the same who still wears a nightie?!

And only 38 percent of onesie wearers yes, onesies said they were happy with their relationship. While this isn't exactly a scientific study, it does make sense that naked cuddling could boost relationship satisfaction.