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It's the show that Kelsi Nielsen nicknamed Piano Player was on. Also, because no one could pass the Pole Swing, so they had 2 rounds on the Crazy Beams without a spin.

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Later on, Ben Kronberg became the third person and the only person able to cross the Ball Swing successfully. Episode 7 featured the Wipey Awards, an wipeout show style presentation of past moments from the previous episodes.

Best Sideline Reporter: Jill Wagner. Also is the 2nd person to pass the Topple Towers.

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Thirty-two morgan spurlock underwear competed in this episode, with sixteen advancing girl the Sweeper round. After eight contestants were eliminated in the Sweeper round, the round simply ended.

Plus 8 more than normal Wipeout.

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He is also the only contestant so far to finish the Wipeout Nude more quickly then he finished the Qualifier.