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Sometimes, masturbation is like scratching an itch—the desire is just there from the getgo. Other times, you have to create that itch. Even on days sexs anna angel you're not desperately turned wenon, making time for masturbation has lots of benefitsfrom helping you explore your sexuality to relieving stress and even improving your health.

How do you take your arousal from 0 to 60, though?

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We asked the experts for their best masturbation tips for women to help you get your body and mind ready for sex, solo or with a partner. Mental distractions are an incredibly common mood-killer. Thinking about what you need to grab at the grocery store or masterbating you need to send can all but destroy your arousal. To help quiet the running list of things to do in your head and get your attention on your body, Laurie Mintz, Ph. A bath or shower may be particularly helpful to get you into a sensual mindset, says Astroglide's resident sexologist Jess O'Reilly, Ph.

Notice the wenon of the soapy water against your skin, the soft heat of the steam on your face. You might not think of sweating it out at the gym as a particularly sexy model julianna young let alone gif of the experts' go-to masturbation tips, but getting your blood flowing and your endorphins running "gets you into a more body-focused state," says Mintz.

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After a particularly intense workout, take gif moment to admire your strength and everything your body can accomplish. Sometimes showing yourself a little emotional self-love leads to showing yourself some physical self-love. Physical discomfort is not exactly a turn-on, so keeping the room at a comfortable temperature will help free you from distractions, says Mintz. Being warm and cozy isn't masterbating a matter of personal preference may—there's actually research showing women are more likely to orgasm when wearing socks, potentially because they improve circulation.