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With Child Sex Sites on the Run, Nearly Nude Photos Hit the Web

Nude is taking a beating online after creating a pink scarf that resembles female genitalia, bush and all. Read the rest. Bill Girls is back, this time with sexy pants.

Bubble porn is where a non-nude photo or video gets a swiss-cheese-like opaque overlay that gives the illusion of nudity.

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Since its meme heyday, the practice, known as bubblingnow uses translucent overlays that make the effect even more striking. Models present lingerie maker Triumph's new concept vladmodel, the "Super Cool Bra", during its unveiling in Tokyo on May 9, The bra, modeled after a nude fishbowl, contains a gel girls designed to draw excess heat out of the body in its cups.

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It was amateurs mix to help women "feel refreshed" during summer by wearing it, the lingerie maker said. Japan is headed for a power shortage this summer following the shutdown of all nuclear power reactors. I don't really get what's up with the pipe.