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Only then did Psychology Today see its mistake. Kind of. They changed the title to:. And then, when that did not work, they removed the post without a word. Since then they have put up posts about why it was bad science — but not about why such a bad scientist blogs for them. According to the Add Health study, black women are rated lower in objective attractiveness than other women, as shown by this chart:.

Website Mashable Calls Brown Nail Polish "Ugly". Black Twitter Responds.

He says it is not because they are fatter than other women or uglyblackwomennude less intelligence — they are still less attractive even when you take those things into account. The only possible reason he can think of is that blacks have higher levels of testosterone.

Uglyblackwomennude is why black men look so manly and why black women look so — manly. Gratuitous picture of the "manly" Lauryn Hill. Add Health is a health study that follows 90, Americans from their school years onwards. Each one is interviewed every five years or so to see how they are uglyblackwomennude.