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Susan sarandon sex

Susan Sarandon has suggested that the casting couch will always exist in Hollywood - although she hopes the "unwanted exchanges" from people in power will stop. There's all kinds of exchanges that happen and some of those are to do with liaisons that are romantic.

Susan Sarandon

The famed actress quickly added that she hopes that her sex "won't be used against" her in the future. Sometimes, with women it's very confusing in your mind what you want and what you're exchanging, whether or not it's in marriage sex if it's in dating or whether it's your employer. Sarandon also revealed that Paul Newman once gave her part of his salary, referencing Emma Stone's statement about male co-stars taking pay cuts to ensure parity.

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The veteran Hollywood star recalled working on a project many years ago and finding out that her two male co-stars were being paid the same as each other, but more than she was.

At which point "gem" Newman stepped in.

Susan Sarandon: 'Wanting to have sex with someone who's in power is a choice'

The Feud star continued: He stepped forward and said, 'Well I'll give you part of mine'. So, sarandon, he susan a gem.

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Sarandon didn't name the sarandon that she was referring to, although it's believed to be 's Twilightwhich also starred Gene Hackman. All three stars appear on girl spiderman naked film's susan and have equal billing, but Sarandon says only Newman and Hackman profited from the favoured nations agreement.