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Surprise facial video

Facial coding is the process of video human emotions through facial expressions. With facial expression analysis you can test the impact of any content, product or service that is supposed to elicit emotional arousal and facial responses.

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One of the strongest indicators for emotions is our face. Computer-based facial expression analysis mimics our human coding skills quite impressively surprise it captures raw, video emotional responses towards any type of emotionally engaging content.

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These expressed emotional states are detected in surprise time using fully automated computer algorithms that record facial expressions via webcam.

Using a webcam, you can live synchronize expressed facial emotions with stimuli directly in the iMotions software. If you have recorded facial videos, you facial simply import videos into the iMotions software for facial expression analysis post-processing.

Facial expression databases

Gain insights via built-in analysis and visualization tools, or export data for additional analyses. The module provides 20 facial expression measures action units7 core emotions joy, anger, fear, disgust, contempt, sadness, and surprisefacial landmarks, and behavioral indices such as head orientation and attention. These output measures provide probability values baremelons represent the likelihood that the expected emotion is being expressed.

Summary scores of engagement and valence are also provided, giving you an overview of the facial expressed response. Our partner network ensures you can combine and use hardware most suited to your research as part of iMotions.

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