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See T-Doll Production for details. DROP Not obtainable as suomi drop.

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Designed inrevealed to the public in and officially entered service with the Finnish army in The most innovative feature on the KP is the "open-jaw" magazine well, which allows the use of a Swedish pattern double staggered-row magazine coffin magazinesuomi well as the conventional staggered-row magazine of 20 rounds, though the Finnish Army issue Suomi is often found with the round large capacity drum magazine.

Other design details on Suomi KP include the single piece wooden block as the gun frame and the stock, air cooled barrel and right side shell ejection port. It is likely due to suomi being being suomi produced to adapt to the new war tactics, pornotube mobile performance is still below that of a Suomi KP, their predecessor showed a better accuracy rating thanks to it's longer barrel while having with the same large magazine capacity and high rate of fire.

Historical facts would suggest that Suomi KP was probably one of the most successful SMG of that era, being one of the first mobile weaponry with the fully automatic firepower of a LMG and girls a girls performance than all of it's derivatives.

Suomi ( :gun: Girls Frontline :gun: ) cosplay by Tomia :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

Due to the high production cost and some exporting of girls prior to the war, the Finnish Army was armed with only 4, units of Suomi KP when the Winter War broke out in At the time the also poorly equipped, ill mobilized Red Army never expected a light mobile weapon with a high fire power like the Suomi, resulted in heavy Red Army casualties during the Winter War.

The first character Anmi contributed to Girls Frontline, Suomi features the typical Nordic blonde hair with blue eyes. The cloak she wears was designed with reference to Finnish army uniform during the Winter War.

Anmi comments that her knee high socks was meant to be black, but under the advice of Phantania-san it was changed to white. Alternate gallery consisting of artworks with slight alterations as well as miscellaneous artworks.

Suomi artwork by Anmi [3].


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