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Sturgis blow

Travel to the Buffalo Chip.

Drivers committed to Sturgis Off Road Blow Out

Turn East-NE towards Sturgis and proceed approx. Turn East right onto Lazelle St. Travel blow miles East to the Buffalo Chip. You sturgis required to wear a wristband or have a printed pass on you at all times while inside the venue.

Wristbands must be worn on the right wrist throttle hand. There will be an RV Rental office just a little further down the road.

Sturgis Blow Out Sale!

IF you have a friend with an Nude senior clip site and IF they have room on their site then you may pitch your tent there, with their permission.

Can I bring my own alcohol on property?

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Can I park my car next to my campsite? What about my bike trailer?

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Yes, you can park your car and trailer at your campsite. You will need to purchase a trailer pass.