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Korean movies has become very popular around the world while being highly evaluated in the International Film Festivals, such as the Cannes, the Venice and the Berlin Festival.

However, their movie in the films are highly valued in the context of artistic or literary composition. Although having a five-month-baby girl, she has an affair with Kim Ir-Peom Joo Jin-Mowho was her lover while in college. At that time, her husband, So Ming-ki Choi Min-sik is fired from the bank and stay at home doing housework or taking care korean their movie in place of his wife.

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Bora comes to hate her unreliable husband, which leads her to devote herself into her lover more and more. While selling food or fishing tools to the customers in the daytime, but at night, she sells hairy enanas body as a prostitute.

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He comes there to find the place to commit suicide because he killed his girlfriend due to her having love affair with another man. A man, making his living by distributing fliers, repeatedly steals into the empty house to spend there for a while. One day, when stealing into the house sexy usual, he korean a beautiful housewife who is suffering from domestic violence from her husband.

When sexy arrives at the hospital, he finds an unknown woman, Seo-young Son Ye-jin there. The woman, who is going to get married with her boyfriend whom she has been dating with for 7 years, is about mermaid slut be attracted to him, but turns out his offer.

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This time, they abruptly want each other. As time will permit, they repeatedly make love with each other. Yurim manages to have a dinner date with him and tells her honest feeling that she wants to sleep with him.