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sex enjoyed

Author information: A survey was performed in the spring sexenjoyed to investigate aspects of life quality and sexuality in young girls and boys visiting a youth clinic in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. Girls and boys coming for treatment, as well as accompanying persons, were over a period of three months asked to complete a questionnaire covering physical, mental, and social matters, including sexuality and lifestyle.

The questionnaire was answered by girls and boys. The mean age of the girls was Significantly more girls than boys felt depressed, suffered stress, and had physical pain. More girls than boys were dissatisfied with their bodies and consciously tried sexenjoyed control their weight.

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Girls had been forced to have sex to a higher degree than boys. Boys, more than girls, appreciated casual sex, enjoyed masturbating and youtubesexbabes pornography and had an orgasm during intercourse. We found that girls were less satisfied than boys with life, their bodies, and sexuality.