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Rum cocktails

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When sex longhair comes to spirits, everybody loves drinks with rum. The spirit is deliciously sweet, lightly spiced, and generally pretty affordable.

Rum Cocktails - 28 Recipes for Rum Drinks

Many of our favorite cocktails begin with our beloved distilled sugarcane. A real daiquiri is actually one of the the most simple cocktails out there.

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Shake and strain. Give this one a whirl at your next spring gathering. The cocktail itself is stunning, and your rum are sure to love it.

28 Rum Cocktail Recipes Better Than a Rum and Coke

Put the blender aside. Combine equal parts rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice, then serve over crushed ice. Fun fact: Replacing vodka with rum and adding a fresh raspberry twist to your classic Moscow Mule recipe is fun, fruit-forward, and definitely a hit among friends. Cocktails ever said no to a drink served in a copper cup? Trademarked by Gosling Brothers, this cocktail is perfect for summer sipping.