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There's a misconception among some people who've never seen a full episode rosie the Starz series Outlander — that it's a bodice-ripping romance novel come to life. Outlander kara wright nude that, on occasion. But, it's also a character-driven drama with raw depictions of violence, trauma, terror, and recovery.

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British actress Rosie Day plays the demure Mary Hawkins in the second season of the show. When fans first met her, Mary was somewhat overwhelmed by 18th century France, her bawdy and frank companion Louise naked Rohan, and her pending arranged marriage to much older gentleman.

And, then, the worst happened.

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While traveling by foot at night with her friend Claire Fraser, the group was accosted and Mary Hawkins was raped naked the shocking Outlander episode.

The year-old actress says that she's personally much "more confident" than the year-old young woman she plays in the time rosie series, though she does feel close to Mary's "kind of innocence. In that movie, Day plays a day of a sex trafficking, and says she day "lots of research into the experience of women who've been in that situation.

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She's emphatic about the supportive environment on the Outlander set throughout the two night shoots spent creating that "harrowing" scene.