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Pinay camcord

The video is camcord unapologetic tribute, featuring Filipino women in traditional garb paralleled by quick cuts of their modern-day appearances, weaved together by expertly alternating verses in Tagalog and English. In collaboration with co-director Evelyn Obamos, Ibarra premiered her directorial debut Nothing pinay Us: The film tells the story of how she crowd sourced an all-Pinay cast of to bring her ambitious vision to life pinay the hardships, the successes, and the adversity involved when tasked with rising above perception to reveal the true backbone of Filipino culture: How did you first get into filmmaking?

What was it exactly that first compelled you?

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Evelyn Obamos: My earliest memory of filmmaking goes back to when my camcord documented a lot of my sister and my childhood on their 8mm video camcorder. I taped teen naked woods and fiddled with every button until I knew what they were for. I was always drawn to the storytelling aspect of filmmaking and the production process continues to be a framework I apply in several aspects of my life — from the glamour to the grit.

Not a lot of people see the work that goes into producing a film, or even a short second video. As a filmmaker, I like dissecting the process, observing every shot, and analyzing how an edit was done. Dale Keano: