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Petticoat training sister

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Did anyone when they were a child see another boy dressed as a girl. When I was 6 or 7 the boy next door to us was about 10 and one day his mother brought him over to our house dressed as a girl. His mother asked my mother if he could play with my sister who was She said he was misbehaving and needed some training. I remember staring at him and could not believe how pretty he was.

For the next couple of months I would look over the fence to see if he was dressed as a girl. So Laura, what sister to americanvideosex training Please tell us more.

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I haven't personally had that experience, but know of a young man whose mother is dressing him femme right now. My parents petticoat somewhat old fashioned, and they practised this "convention" still in the 60s.

My sister had to wear skirts and dresses, so at least at home I had to wear them, too.

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It had no special "meaning" for me during that time, and nobody in the neighbarhood seemed to take umbrage. So it was quite normal for me to slip in a skirt as soon as we arrived at home.

It was no discipling, it was simply normal and no discussion allowed.