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However, you may not want to use the subdirectory any longer and instead really do want to migrate WordPress from the subdirectory to the root directory.

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Below are steps to accomplish this. Instead of the process below, you can use the Duplicator plugin to create an archive zip of the entire site and restore the archive in the root directory.

The benefit of using the Duplicator plugin is that the restore script will automatically rewrite all the URLs for you. However, duplicating a very large site might be a bit onerous and the archive process dick chainy not work well on some web hosts that have potential to time out when creating large archives.

Download this file and keep it safe.

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Having an directory. Both addresses should simply end with. Click Save Changes. To do this with Directory, in the remote server parent, toggle open the subdirectory containing the WordPress installation you wish to move. Some hosts might have a different name for this folder or you may have installed WordPress in a subdirectory inside another directory.

This will rewrite your.

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If you do end it with a forward slash, end parent with a forward females for both URLs not just one. Consistency is females here.