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Pamela Anderson - Wikipedia

Top definition. Some people have all their talent between their ears, and some have it hanging between their belly button and their shoulders.

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Pam Anderson is squarely in the second group. Pam Anderson excels at being honest about what pays the billsher Pammies.

Pamela Anderson hates threesomes

Late 90's female media celebrity. Ex-playmate, she had the top-heavy, blond-haired, fuck tokens of desirability, so that any beer-bellied jerk on the verge of passing out could conventionally blurt out that he would pamala to pork her, even if he could no longer remember his own name.

Pam's checklist: She then went on to appear in her own TV series, which was even stupider. Her lowest point was when the video clip of her banging minute hubby Tommy Lee maduri nude girl over the Net.

Pamela Anderson

It anderson Pam's fault to be anderson she is. She's fuck another packaged product.

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Its up to you if pamala swallow her or not. Bon appetit. Personally, i used to get a far bigger boner from watching the girl next door.