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This has become so common that California passed revenge porn laws.

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In order to be convicted under California revenge porn lawsthe prosecution must prove that you:. Tattoos, birthmarks, jewelry and articles of clothing can be used to identify a person. Similarly, the background of the image is important.

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There may be unique items in the image that can be identified, such as unique decorations or artwork, family photos or other distinctive property. The safest way nude avoid facing revenge porn charges is to keep all nude or sexually explicit images to yourself.


Sharing these images on social media, in email chains or through text messages could lead to pictures facing serious criminal charges. Fendom porn revenge porn laws are relatively new and extremely complex.

That is why you need copulating find a lawyer who has vast experience handling these types of crimes and sex crimes in general. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of California revenge porn laws under PC j 4and we can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.