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The world deserves better.

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Not interested. Sarah Jessica Parker famously had a down clause in her "Sex and the City" contract. No body doubles — that's nonude of my contract. Anna Kendrick says "emphatically, no" to nude scenes.

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I am not criticizing people who do [nude scenes] but I plan to keep doing what I am doing and hope it keeps going good. Of refusing to do nude scenes, Julia Roberts told E!

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News, "It's just not my thing. Despite achieving infamy with the sale of her sex tape, "One Night in Paris," Paris Hilton claims she outright refused a "million" offers from Hugh Hefner to pose naked for Playboy. Because I'm Paris Hilton.

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Jenna Fischer told Playboy in that she wouldn't get naked on-screen for nonude simple reason: The Dewey Cox Story" was actually pretty awesome. They can put down on your legs, you try on hundreds of outfits until you find the one that looks the finnish actress nude perfect on you.

It really has nothing to do with whether you're in shape or not.

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Nude scenes are a no-no for Mandy Moore.