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She has also worked as a solo artist, releasing two albums as A Bergman [1] and one under her own name. She has also appeared as a guest artist with many other acts.

Nina Persson

Persson made her acting debut in the movie Om Gud vill which was released in Persson's first solo album released under her own name, Animal Heartwas demilovatotopless on 10 February on the independent British record label Lojinx Records. After three attempts at in vitro fertilizationtheir son Nils was born on 30 September Persson was diagnosed with cervical cancer inand underwent surgical penn state poon. In an interview with Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter naked MarchPersson talked about her expatriate years, the return to Sweden and pointed out that the return to her native country was family business and did not reflect any wish to reboot her old band.

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