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Things to Know about the Navicular Disease Treatment in Horses

If you do keep horses, taking the best care of them is a critical process as it helps to avoid poor health and other difficulties. Horses are prone to some health issues where navicular is a common thing for adult as well as growing animals. The navicular disorder also known as navicular disease results from the inflammation of the bone called navicular or bursa. The navicular disorder causes a horse to develop lameness. The issue may involve, navicular bone or bursa, coffin joint, the digital flexor tendon which is a common occurrence to horse foot diseases. When looking to understand the navicular disorder you will realize that although described in different ways the results will lead to lameness from the foot pain. The problem causes a horse owner in many ways. One the farmer will not be able to use the horses due to the limits of the foot when there is a lot of pain.

The utility of the horse and the value drops as the lifetime becomes shorter. When the farmer can’t get the results needed from the horse it results to culling which is a loss at the end of the day. There have been different remedies that the horse owners have considered when looking to deal with the navicular disorder. However, there is no cure for the disease other than forms of treatments that aim to relieve the pain off the horse. There are also different things that might cause the disease ranging from the pressure generated to the foot, and also complex pathogens that might infect the foot. The is other research work that suggests that the navicular disease might also occur from the hereditary predisposition. In some horses, the breeding has been disallowed to contain the spread of the disorder entirely. The disorder being both chronic and degenerative means that a cure is not an easy thing to develop. The use of different methods, therefore, helps horses of varying ages and weights. The use of the treatments such as gallium nitrate is critical in easing the pain from the foot of the horse. Some administrations have always failed when it comes to navicular disorder and many horses have reacted well to the use of gallium nitrate.

In some case studies, the horses get normal performance when they use the gallium nitrate treatment. The other method that horse owners use is to create correct shoes for their animals. Shoes are vital as they offer the horses a flat platform on which they can use to ease pressure on the joints. Therefore, correct shoeing is critical in taking care of the lameness. The use of the drugs is something that calls for caution as it can bring adverse effects to a horse. The objective would be to get the right animal specialists to help you when there is a navicular disorder. Finding the top veterinarian will be able to diagnose and offer the correct measures that would help to restore soundness in your horse. Therefore, even if you might want to take part in bringing your horse back to normal life, finding the best veterinarian would help in using sound and effective treatment measures.


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