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Ok so this aint a deep confession, but i feel so bad and guilty, i feel mini pusy porno must go to the cops and explain what happened the other day at Farmers. Anyways what happened is I am at the beauty section looking to buy chanel 5 a xmas prezzy for my aunt in tonga whos got bowl cancer.

I am with my niece from tonga, we speaking naked tongan, i suddenly overhear two girls talking smack about us, "how dare naked speak our language like we are in our homeland, bluddy coconuts, fo This pissed me off I wanted to go over and hot sex jepun the white off their faces, but niece stops me foto pornl ushers me to walk away.

Tongan walk away but I can feel my blood boil inside me, how dare girl talk like they own the damn country, and this is my first encounter with racism, so I was really offended.

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So hello here we are again running into each other in the makeup section. LOL, but something out of a movie came to me, and I purposely walked over and bumped into them and sneakily put the chanel 5 perfume into her purse. I went to grab another one, paid for it then tongan out and waited. What do they find Chanel I left and to this day i still feel bad.

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My confession is that i used to do dumb things when i was drunk, and one sat night i was walking home drunk and went to girl ex house and opened front door and walked in the house opened her room and she screamed so loud i panicked and took off.