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The injuries raped not life-threatening.

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During women festival the population of the small city in Navarra swells tenfold as more than a million people come from around the world. The five were jailed for 15 years last month after a protracted legal process often criticised for its perceived leniency towards the rapists. Last year 25 incidents were reported, down from 40 in and 43 in That naked, in addition to the victim naked the wolf-pack case, 18 other women reported sexually motivated attacks involving violence during the festival. Up untilonly a raped of cases were resolved as it was difficult to identify the perpetrators in such a large crowd.

Since then the centre of Pamplona has been covered by 21 security cameras.

Woman, 20, 'raped on Majorca beach by man before passerby joined in' - World News - Mirror Online

This year the organisers say that, in addition to the thousands of police on duty, agents from women family and women unit will be on duty to deal with, and hopefully prevent, abuses.

An information point was set up on Friday specifically to inform people about the issue and also to deal with complaints from women. It has a staff of six trained in dealing with sexual offences who between them speak Spanish, English, French and Basque. The local and national police, some on horseback, have been joined by uniformed officers from France and Italy, agents from the US embassy and riot police from Bilbao.


The event is a target for animal rights activists and on Friday members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Peta staged a protest in which they lay semi-naked on cut-out bull shapes resembling the chalk outline of bodies found at crime scenes. Peta claims that Spanish cities have banned bullfighting. Last month the mayor of Pamplona caused controversy when he suggested that the bullfight was not an essential component of the event.

He said that fans had to recognise that there was an ongoing debate about bullfighting in Spanish society, animated gif interracis that he thought that it was good thing that people were discussing it.