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Why do they want naked moms? Here's naked recruiting pitch nebraska the sign at Kandi's Gentlemen's Girls, located near 72nd and Blondo streets: Stay at home moms earn extra cash! naked tami inside!

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After the ensuing kerfuffle that unnerved moms like Jetta Eveland and other neighbors, the sign was taken down. Kandi's, is smack-dab in nebraska middle of a family-friendly neighborhood that includes Bowling Green Park, businesses like Dairy Queen, and a couple of schools, St. Vidopornohd School and Creighton Prep.

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The club seemed to admit on Facebook that " we did it wrong. We want only the best.

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If you believe you are a true professional and can be one of the top dancers and earners in Omaha, then we want you. If you believe you are less than the best, then please pass us by. Those who believe they have the skills to work at Kandi's will have to wait before they start raking in the cash, though.


The club, originally billed as Candyland, is currently naked in a liquor license dispute after the Omaha City Council voted last year to recommend that the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission deny the permit to serve alcohol because it's so close ot schools.