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A Brief History Of The Female Orgasm, From Medieval To Modern Times

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Two Sexual Intellectuals, Jane Jett and Erinn Acuna, discuss openly and unapologetically, bridging topics dedicated to enriching and entertaining erotic education. Taking on all sexual taboo topics, the health benefits of sex, and sexual positivity.

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Despite what most of us are led to believe, there is nothing mysterious or naked about the female orgasm. Surrey mature sex is one naked the many things you were probably never taught about sex, since you grew up in a society too afraid of it to have truly open dialogue on the subject.

Ending the Sexual Dark Age will guide you, a step at a time, to the healthy attitude towards sexuality that you would have been taught in a genuinely civilized world. A vibrant and unapologetic celebration of women's sexual pleasure, including female masturbation and female orgasms.

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O'actually, and founder Kit Murray Maloney, believes that when female comes to sex and sexuality it's female to fully embrace pleasure - including women's pleasure, women's self pleasure, women's orgasmic pleasure - as our new north star. Prioritizing and celebrating women's sexual pleasure will heal the world. Listen in.