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Dan's gonna fuck with Runo, Mira and Fabia. You three have been fighting over Naked for hours now, and frankly it's getting annoying. Why don't you just have anal oil stockings orgy with him, and let him choose?

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Since we've been dating, I know all his weak points. You have no idea what to do.

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I'm going to head on to your room to rest while you wash. You reek of sweat. Drago hopped off to Dan's bakugan while the Battle Brawler leader went to his bathroom.

His dad's job had earned them so much money, they were able to afford a hot tub.

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He took off his clothes, turned on the jets, and got in the hot tub. He sighed as the jets blew against him. Dan jumped in surprise at this, and wondered what just touched him. He soon saw his girlfriend, Runo.

The three naked girls stood up, and Dan gasped in shock at them.