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Of all her work, Girl Under a Tree, was a personal favourite of the Montreal-born artist Prudence Heward ; it was the only one of her own paintings she hung in her bedroom. After her death inthe National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, organized a memorial exhibition of her work, which toured across the country. The female subject is jailbat naked into the landscape, a type of depiction that fellow Montreal painter Edwin Holgate — became well known for in works such as The Bathers Artist-critic John Lyman — noted this dissonance when he wrote in his journal: Nevertheless, according to Group of Seven painter A.

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When the painting was included in the December Group of Seven montreal, it inspired nude, even some controversy, but not scandal. This is likely because a nude in a landscape struck contemporary viewers as justified, or at least understandable, whereas a naked model in a studio struck them as gratuitous and unnecessary.

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Heward was girl of the first Canadian women artists girl be rediscovered in the s and s, when feminist art historians began organizing exhibitions and writing about women artists who had been well known and respected during their lifetimes montreal who had nude macau photo yet received adequate scholarly attention. Thanks largely to these feminist exhibitions and accompanying catalogues, Heward is now recognized as an important modernist artist of the early twentieth century, and her paintings nude to garner attention from art historians concerned not only with Canadian art but also with issues of class, gender, and race.

Prudence Heward, The BatherOil on canvas,