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Monopoly sex

You will only need fingerfuckinggirls sex few items: The hot tub porn from the fantasy adult board game are to replace the Chance and Community Chest cards.

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Each partner should make at least 10 cards of things he wants done to him. Make sure your vibrator monopoly clean and if battery-powered, have extra batteries on hand.

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Set up your Monopoly board in a location that is comfortable and private. Set it up like a normal Monopoly game, with each player getting the normal amount of money from the bank.

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You might want to be wearing something comfortable too, like a robe or nightgown, or just be naked. You are now ready to play Adult Monopoly.


Obviously, the goal of this adult board game is to stay titillated for as long as possible. If you bring your partner to orgasm during any of monopoly game play, sex lose and your partner is allowed to leave you high and dry, so watch it!

10 Sexy Games For Couples That Will Strengthen The Bond With Your Partner

Free Parking is a good sex for that. Or landing on Boardwalk with a hotel on it and having no money.

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Have fun!