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Considering boxing or football for example. What boxer, besides the enigma Bernard Hopkins, has dominated the competition after the age of forty?

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You could probably count them on one hand, if that. So what mature bodybuilding different?

The Only Road to Muscle Maturity | Generation Iron

Muscle maturity. Unlike muscle sporting endeavors that focus mostly on cowgirls playboy pictures twitch motions, joint functionality, and explosive movements, bodybuilding is about putting your muscles through years of intense training until they break down and mature to a level that will show increased definition and deep striations.

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Muscle maturity is as much about your gal as it is about the work you put into building your body. Like training your muscle thousands of times until gal it, so too must a bodybuilder train all their muscle groups through years and years of hard work.

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Maybe some young bodybuilders will have a chance to break into the top ten, but to an expert judge the difference between the muscle definition of a competitor in their twenties and another in their thirties will be evident. Not gonna happen. But bodybuilding is mature dedication.