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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read masturbation agree techniques the PopCulture. And to do so, they've found everyday women to show their masturbation techniques in short videos yes, miami porno xxx and all and talk you through their personal journeys to orgasm.

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Based on the techniques you may enjoy, they provide tips to help you build a longer, more full-bodied orgasm to experience pleasure like never before. Once the video is over, some include an interactive touch simulator where you use the techniques you just learned to help the woman orgasm.

7 Top-Rated Masturbation Techniques for a Stronger Orgasm

Her vagina will move with your movements and she speaks and moans to coach you through the actual technique of the motions leading to climax. Touching techniques virtual vagina after watching video woman masturbate might put you totally out of your comfort zone, but the company says it's a surefire way to help you achieve a better, stronger O.

Keep reading to explore seven of OMGYes' research-driven, woman-approved techniques for female pleasure. Find the one s video make you weak, plus learn a trick or two to practice yourself!

When you do indulge, the sensation is overwhelming enough to make you burst with pleasure.

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Surprisingly, 70 percent of women say they regularly use this practice to orgasm during solo sessions. Using this constant switch-up means your body will learn to enjoy a variety of movements, and if you save your favorites until the end, the tension will help your body shake with pleasure toward the finish. Masturbation key with this technique is not to get too robotic. Even if you regularly use this action to get off, it sounds like you have some learning to do, too!