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Updated March 07, nude It's Leeton, south-west New South Wales.

Police: Naked owner stands in window of Zelienople bridal shop

Peter Schipp — top row, second from right — remembers Neville as a pretty nippy young bloke with confidence to burn. In particular, he recalls the day the two of them rode their bikes "about three mile out of town" to Neville's house where Neville proceeded to do backflips up and down the veranda.

Agile, athletic. Other schoolmates remember different details, like him having more lollies, way more lollies, than the other boys.

Is this Australia's worst criminal you've never heard of?

And, on occasions, a lot more money. Pockets mark of threepences and sixpences.

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What none of the boys in that wonderful black and white photograph hot lsu women have known was that Neville Tiffen as he merriman known then already had a police record. His offending started four years earlier, when he was charged with break, enter and steal.

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