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Experts at the Louvre in Paris are investigating whether a charcoal sketch of a nude figure that resembles the Mona Lisa may in fact be the uma thurman pornstar of Leonardo da Vinci.

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The drawing, known as the Mona Vannahad previously been attributed to Leonardo's studio. The revelation about its nude is the result of research initiated by the Louvre ahead of a celebratory exhibition marking the th anniversary of the artist's death, which is scheduled to open in June in Paris and Chantilly.

After several weeks of scientific norway sex photoes, researchers now believe the lisa may indeed have been partly lisa by Leonardo himself.

Nude 'Mona Lisa' may be by Leonardo, say experts

The discovery was first reported by London's The Times. If researchers are able to definitively attribute the drawing to Leonardo, it would be a groundbreaking discovery that would help art historians better understand both the artist and the period in which he worked, the curator says. Is it a portrait, a portrait of divinity? Is it lisa allegory of fertility, or love?

Experts Think This ‘Nude Mona Lisa’ Could Have Been Drawn by Leonardo da Vinci

Or beauty or vanity? There are lisa lot of possible meanings and a lot of influences and [each has] lots of meanings and connotations. The hand positioning is also characteristic of Leonardo da Vinci. The drawing, Nude says, bears a number of hallmarks of Leonardo. The face, hands, and shadows are drawn using the sfumato technique, a method of very fine, almost imperceptible gradation that was favored by the Renaissance master. Deldicque emphasized that the hand positioning is also characteristic of Leonardo.

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