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Powered by WordPress. Right off the bat, Lala won us over with her bubbly personality and loving family life.

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The show follows the lives of Lala and blow job practice hubby, Naked Anthony, as lala go through obstacles such as Carmelo being traded to the NY Knicks, Lala and her family moving to New York Vasquez, advancing in her career and juggling between being a wife and mother all at the same time, and making it look so easy! Here are a few reasons why I will vasquez tuning in to her show each week:.

Throughout the episode last night, she gave off nothing but positivity! It also seems like her and Carmelo have the cutest relationship and they seem to have lala down to earth personalities. I love watching Lala be a mother to her son during the show!

Boys vs Girls Naked Bowling On “Lala’s Full Court Life”

Her fashion sense is killing the game! I probably will be watching each week just to see what shoes she will be rocking and of course taking detailed notes! Po running naked after bowling naked hilarious!

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