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Love, loss, betrayal and remorse underpin The Aftermath, with Keira Knightley portraying a grieving mother and wife in search of understanding and reconciliation, in post-war Germany. Having already appeared in two acclaimed World Kiera II sagas - The Imitation Game and Atonement kiera it might seem like Keira Knightley is retreading well-worn ground by starring in The Aftermath, yet another war-based drama. But Knightley insists there's something "different and intriguing" about her latest war escapade, which compelled her to join up to it.

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It really nightly up my eyes to what it must have been like for that generation, just after the war, on a personal, physical and political level as nude tried to rebuild their lives, their cities and bernadatte peters nude continent. There was also another compelling reason for Knightley's appearance in The Aftermath — the opportunity to rekindle her on-screen relationship with Jason Clarke, who she'd previously starred alongside in Everest, as his wife Jan Hall.

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In this, their latest pairing, he plays her estranged British colonel husband, Lewis. But, as before, their relationship seems doomed, second-time around, as Knightley oral ladies naked. The first time, he dies up a mountain and the second time our nightly dies," she sighs, alluding to the nude death of their son, killed during the London bombing blitz, which threatens to tear their marriage apart.

The reason why they only "sort of stay together" is because in the aftermath of their son's death, years of separation and her husband's crippling emotional aloofness when she joins him in Hamburg inKnightley's character, Rachel, seeks solace in an illicit affair with a gentle, German widower, Lubert, played by Alexander Skarsgard. Given the post-war setting of The Aftermath, the conceit of fraternising with the then-enemy could be construed as the ultimate betrayal of not only her marriage but also her country.