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Her cartoon strips discussed racism and sexism as well as fashion, dating, and family. Ormes was born in Pittsburgh in Her father died when she was six and she was raised by an aunt and uncle and, later, by her mother and stepfather.

She launched her professional career as a sports reporter, proofreader and freelance news … Continue reading Kickass Women in History: Dorothy Parker is famous for her poetry and her wit, but not so much for being kickass.

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In fact, her public and private persona depended on her being perceived as permanently heartbroken, a romantic and creative underdog. However, Dorothy became involved in activism as the women drew to a close, and deserves to be remembered for her activism as well as her wisecracks.

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Dorothy was born in Her mother died when she was five, … Continue reading Kickass Women in History: This month in Kickass Women, we raise a glass to Dolores Huerta, the labor and civil rights leader who became nationally known for her work with the United Farm Workers in the s and kickass continues to kick ass today.

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This woman fought malaika nude images the Genpei War and won fame for her kickass at the Battle of Awazu in in Japan. Tomoe was born sometime around and married Minamoto no Yoshinaka. Born aroundshe was instrumental in the fight against British Colonialism.

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