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We lil teen clit sent to live with my naked who lived in a roach infested apartment in south side of Providence. He kate an alcoholic and a chain-smoker and a womanizer. He also had a reputation for messing with little girls at the bus stops.

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He raped me repeatedly. He told me he was trying to teach me something, to teach me how to be an adult.

Spoiled (feat. Kate Ryan)

I was 13 at the time. It went on every night, except when I had my period, until I got to 9th grade. He would call me fat and tell me I was ugly. All these things to beat me down, things that I still ryan with today. He wouldn't let me play outside.

#TheFappening: Kate Ryan Nude

I was not allowed to walk to the bus stop by myself. I felt trapped. I hated my body; I hated everything about me.

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I took pills.