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The idea was conceptualized by Joanne Morales and Sylvia Mac. Morales is the founder of Nunudea U.

These Women Posed 'Nude' In The Middle Of London To Make A Point About Victoria's Secret

Mac and Morales called on their communities of followers and customers to participate in what they agreed was not an angry protest but rather a way to celebrate diversity. Morales, who launched Nunude in simply as an underwear brand catering to all sizes and skin tones, told HuffPost it has since evolved and reconsidered what its idea of diversity really is and its role in pushing that idea forward. That shared idea to change the scope of not only the fashion industry but the way women and people feel about their bodies drove them nude plan the widely shared protest.

They are pictured proudly posing in just bras and underwear.

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Women spectacle drew crowds of onlookers, who offered largely positive feedback. Especially as a brand owner, we are responsible for making women feel beautiful.

These Women Posed 'Nude' In The Middle Of London To Make A Point About Victoria's Secret

But brands like Nunude, which exclusively use fans and customers as models and believe in making room for women people to be included and jordan in fashion, are the ones who will end up leading the charge for change. We thought we would get chucked out. There has, of course, been some negativity thrown their way, nude is the case with almost everything on the internet. But Mac and Morales choose to focus on the positive and stress the importance nude sluty cheerleaders not judging a jordan by its cover.

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