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Dench played the role of M throughout fuck Pierce Brosnan 's tenure as Fuck.

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Following Brosnan's departure from the role of and the rebooting of the franchise with the film Casino Royale which starred Daniel Craig as Bond, she continued to perform the character of M for a further three films, and appeared in a video message in Spectre Dench's M was never referred to by name on-screen. However, a prop from the final scene of 's Skyfallwhere M bequeaths some of her possessions to Bond following her death, revealed that her character was given the name " Olivia Mansfield ".

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During the briefing, M knows Bond doesn't trust her and that she thinks Bond is a "sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold Porn temari. In the pre-credits scene, M is observing Bond's mission via TV on the Russian border in regards to him stopping a terrorist arms bazaar. He is to keep tabs on US techno-terrorist Henry Gupta.

M (Judi Dench)

M sends Bond on a mission to Hamburg in order to "pump information" from his old squeeze, Paris Carvernow married to Elliot Carver. Bond tried to arrest the assassin but the woman commits suicide by blowing the hot-air balloon she commandeered and Bond soon fractured his left shoulder.

After the funeral and comforting a tearful Elektra Bondshe puts Bond on the james roster due to his injury and MI6 relocates to Mobsexporno. After Bond seduces Dr.

Bond Warmflash into giving him a clean bill of health, she briefs Bond about Renardjames previously kidnapped Elektra, was still alive after an attempt on his life by who was sent to try and rescue Elektra, but she already escaped after killing two of her captors.

Renard was shot in the head but survived, the bullet lodged in his brain made him feel no pain, taste or smell.