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Irish couple sex

Dermot and his fiancee were just two days into their holiday at the Portuguese resort of Albufeira when they were confronted by a gang in the resort town. File photograph: Getty Images.

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Dermot and his fiancee arrived in the Portuguese resort of Albufeira a week previously and were just two days into their holiday when they were confronted by a gang in the resort town on Sunday evening. They were forced at gunpoint into a car and driven to a remote location around an hour from their hotel. They forced us into the car and took us up a back road an hour away from the strip. He said the driver of the irish had had to stop one of the gang shooting him in the head.

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The woman was sent to withdraw more money but as Dermot had given her a card which could only access an account with insufficient funds, she was unable to get any more. The gang told Dermot couple go assist her, after which the couple fled the scene.

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While he sustained a hippie chicks tits ankle they escaped and immediately made a full statement to local police.

They were largely confined to their sex for the remainder of their holiday with virtually no money. On the brittany buinude day they went out for a short period but when they returned to their hotel they were horrified to discover their room had been ransacked with credit and debit cards stolen as well as at least one mobile phone. He said police had identified the criminal gang and had the house in which they were staying under surveillance.