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Converting my mom took a bit of planning. Dad was away at a conference.

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My sister Sharon had gone to sleep. Me and Mom celebrated the end of my school year with champagne. I secretly spiked hers with molly! We drank the whole bottle. I invited him in and he just went straight to mom, pushed his tongue tumblr her tumblr and then pushed her down onto her knees. It was amazing to watch. Then she was trying to jam sex into her mouth, watching cross-eyed as it grew hard and 3 inches longer, with interacial enormous cock-head gagging her.

The Interracial Society

I could not believe this was my super-reserved mom! I knelt down next light xxxcom her and licked the shaft as I started to undress my own mom, unbuttoning her blouse, releasing her boobs from her bra and caressing and kissing those gorgeous titties.

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I pulled them over one shoe so I could pull her interacial apart and place my mouth just below the vagina which birthed me. I pulled her thighs down on top of my face, my tongue spearing into her sex tangy fuck-hole.