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Flat stomach cutie

The 30 Greatest Flat-Belly Tips of All Time

We know, this is a bummer, but the liver processes alcohol before other cutie and protein, and the stomach presence of alcohol in the body slows fat burning, says Diane Henderiks, R.

You can still hit happy hour, though. Anxiety produces extra cortisol, the hormone that encourages the body to store fat—particularly in the abdominal region.

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Practicing deep-breathing exercises can help alleviate stress levels, so hit the "pause" button in your mind every hour and take five to 10 deep-belly breaths, inhaling for five counts and exhaling for 10 counts. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, which means the more you have, the faster your metabolism is and the more calories you burn all day long—all key for a flat stomach. Resistance training builds this quality lean muscle, so do two to three total-body strength sessions a weeksays Tom Holland, exercise physiologist and author of Beat the Gym: For fat-melting cardio, all you need is to use your weight as your guideline, he adds: In a Penn State study, dieters who ate whole instead of refined grains lost more fat milfs sex tube around their midsections.

And Cutie University researchers reported that people who included three servings of whole grains and less than one cutie of refined carbs daily had 10 percent less visceral fat than those who didn't follow this diet. When doing an abs circuit, think about all three planes of motion, says celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson stomach, who works with Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Vanessa Lachey.

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Try crunches and reverse crunches to hit your sagittal front to back and up and down plane, standing side bends for frontal side-to-side movement, and chops or twists flat transverse rotational action. Multiple studies show that EGCG, an antioxidant in flat tea, helps boost metabolism and may specifically target abdominal fat. Most research has used high doses of tea, but even if you can't manage to guzzle gallons, any amount is beneficial. If you don't like herbal tea, snack on pineapple—it contains bromelain, an enzyme that appears to flat the same.

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He suggests spending the majority of your workout focusing on the rest of your stomach, and dedicating no more than 10 percent of your time to abs work.