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How To Make Yourself Squirt During Sex

You know how people blame Disney movies for giving people unrealistic expectations about love? Well, I blame porn for giving me unrealistic expectations about sex. If porn were any indication of people's everyday sex lives, we'd all sex firing off liquid streams of erotic bliss at every climax. Sorry, but no.

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That said, this elusive sex sensation isn't entirely impossible. Apparently, for some women, it does come ha! But for others, it may be possible to learn. First, a little refresher on what squirting actually is: While there's still a lot of debateMadeleine CastellanosM.

But why the hype?

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Castellanos notes that it can feel pretty effing fantastic. In fact, one study showed nearly 80 percent of women squirt experienced squirting said fast improved their sex lives. That sandra araya nude, "a lot of people think this is the pinnacle of orgasm

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