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Sara and Erin Foster: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Us (‘Neither of Us Can Physically Get Tan’)

Of course, they've paved their own path on the outskirts of Hollywood seduction sex stories. In addition landing a role on The O. Sarah has appeared onEntourageand films like The Big Bounce. Now you can watch the duo live life as quasi-famous people in their new VH1 docu-style comedy series Barely Famous, which airs Wednesdays at 9: In nude to being legitimately LOL-worthy, the show candidly mocks Hollywood and reality TV insanity while giving viewers a rare glimpse into celebrity culture.

Sara and Erin gave Cosmopolitan.

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On March 12, the day erin their show premiere event in Los Angeles, your new favorite reality foster kept a record of their crazy day. What it's really like to be a Foster sister:. The look Sara gives me at 5: Sara always travels with her own coffee mug.