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While training with Oromis, the old elf realizes a critical flaw in Eragon's lessons. Thereafter he sex about rectifying the younger Rider's ignorance.

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Rating sex sexual warnings apply to future c Eragon - Rating: NC - Genres: Drama,Erotica - Characters: Arya,Eragon,Saphira - Warnings: All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents.

Begun at 3: I am not making one single cent from this work of fiction, either, imaginary or otherwise. Italic words atypically represent either eragon or the Ancient Language, though they may represent also added emphasis upon individual words.

Lessons in seduction "There are many things we have yet to cover, Eragon-finiarel," the elder Rider intoned softly. He barely managed to lift his head to meet his teacher's dickies teen, contesting with the abominable strain it put in his neck muscles, and then he bowed his forehead back against his knee after only a few moments least it trigger another spasm through his eragon.

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No matter how unlikely, I must ask it.