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Q&A With a Teen Curator: Barely Old Enough to Vote, But Making Moves in the Art World

Audrey Banks, 18, is the founder of Teen Art Gallery, a project that curates and displays the work of artists aged 12 to Photo by Sam Gallery. Although T. MetroFocus recently caught up with the very articulate young gallerist to get the behind-the-scenes info on her project. You turned 18 in Teen.

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How sexphoto mexico were you when you came up with the idea for Teen Art Gallery? Photo courtesy of Audrey Banks. My mother is a writer and my dad is somewhat of a connoisseur of mosaics and construction. My grandparents were artists.

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As for curating and art history, I have little to no experience, truth be told. I do, however, early to keep myself updated on contemporary artists by visiting the galleries in Chelsea on Thursdays.