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In painting after painting, erect hawt threesome wave, bottoms and breasts bulge, vaginas are proffered and everyone's at it.

The life and loves of the artist, movie romances, sex and yet more sex are Dorothy Iannone 's art. Born in Boston in and now living in Berlin, the year-old American artist's work is as raunchy as ever it was.

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Dorthy can only applaud. But it is more than a matter of stamina; there are lots of nude ways one wants to celebrate a woman who art once bitten on the bum by Allen Ginsberg.

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She has made work after work celebrating her great love affair with the artist Dieter Roth — who looks in Iannone's nude like a man both naked and dorthy a monkey suit — and has been fearless in her pursuit of personal freedom. Iannone was arrested by US customs in for importing the banned novels of Henry Millerand won a court case against the authorities, overturning the censorship of authors including Miller.

File:A Greek Method of Life Drawing - nude Dorothy Lees in 1916 - 3.jpg

Insome of her own artists' books were also destroyed by UK customs. The censuring of a show in Berne, Switzerland, led to the resignation of the great curator Harald Szeemann in protest.

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This woman is trouble. Decades before Tracey Emin and her tentIannone made an artist's book naming all the men she'd ever slept with. In fact, much of Iannone's spirit, and her artistic style, with its confessions and written rants, prefigures Emin.