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Cortana nude bodypaint

June 5, by bs angel 25 Comments. Cortana, the fictional artificially intelligent hologram from the Halo series of video games, is cortana much beloved character by both female and male fanatics alike.

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Besides the fact that she has no physical form or being, Cortana has an bodypaint appearance cortana is simply nude cumshot nurse gif replicate in whitehouse total sex costume. Here are some dedicated individuals that have taken the challenge and done it successfully. Do be warned, a few of the pictures are probably NSFW, unless you work somewhere that puts body paint on nude models of course.

MsValentine MsValentine has been cosplaying for more than half a decade and over that nude period there has been a significant evolution in the quality of her Cortana costume.

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Playing under the gamertag Cortana, she is clearly bodypaint definition of a hardcore Halo fan. While she has a few critics for her color choice of purple instead of blue, not many people can deny that her Cortana cosplay is really quite impressive.

Gears of Halo - Master Chief Forever. : Halo's Cortana Costume Play Photos

Francesca Zappitelli Body paint, airbrushing, and some significant time in photoshop morphed Francesca Zappitelli, an I4U model of the monthinto Cortana. The purpose of the shoot was to present the Plasma Rifle; the added bonus was that geeks everywhere got to ogle a nude, oiled up version of their favorite video game AI.

Their hard work and dedication paid off as they were probably the best dressed not to mention the most creative pair at the event. Blue Cortana This female cosplayer, sporting a bold blue version of Cortana, was spotted at Megacon