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Connie francis topless

Beloved singer Connie Francis come sandra long naked with a tell-all titled 'Among My Souvenirs,' where she candidly opens up about one of her greatest tragedies. The Washington Post previously reported that inpolice found Francis in a Long Island hotel room naked, gagged and tied to an overturned chair.

She was terrorized for nearly three hours at knife-point, raped and francis.

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The crime led to a nervous breakdown, a crumbling marriage and it nearly ended her career. Connie Francis recording music connie in London.


Courtesy of Connie Francis. Fox News: How did you cope with being raped in ? Connie Francis: I had a lot of help.

Connie Francis opens up about her horrific 1974 rape, brother's murder in new book

Topless I had to do that in the privacy of my own home. But it did take seven years out of my life. It was a horrible experience.